Twenty-seven student-teachers graduated the Montessori programme for the academic year 2014/2015. The graduation ceremony took place on the 11th July 2015. We are projecting that over 500 more children will benefit from a better quality of instruction from the newly graduated teachers in the coming academic year.


Our yearly in-service training started on the 20th July and took place over a period of two weeks during the school vacation. The training toook place at our residential training center in Liancourt.

Thirty-eight teachers from twelve schools in respective parts of Haiti - Jérémie, Carrefour Feuilles, Tabarre, Gonaïves, Leogane, Kenscoff, Santo, Maïs Gate, Bois d'Avril and Liancourt - attended the training.

This year the emphasis was on language. The teachers were taught how to make the language materials, which they will take them back to their classrooms. A combined effective of 1217 children will benefit from the language materials which the teachers will take back to their schools.

An advanced Math seminar also took place over the two week period. It was conducted by Patricia Gwin, Association Montessori Internationale trained. Mrs Gwin has been coming to Haiti to conduct a series of seminars for teachers during the school vacation periods

World Environment Day 2015

The Centre Montessori d'Haiti marked World Environment by teaching children about gardening in small spaces. The information was presented to the children by the current student teachers who have themselves planted the gardens as a part of their internship. The children got to experience the joy of harvesting a number of fruit and vegetables such as beetroots, lettuce, peanuts, sweet peppers etc. The student teachers replicate these gardens when they start teaching in their own schools.

Basic commitment and key-purpose of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation:

Regionally and globally the learning- and teaching-process must be radically improved. Good quality Education for All is a universal human right.

The human process of learning starts very early in life and must be child-centered. The children's individualities and their creativity must be respected. This is costly - and therefore remains a dream today. It is, however, a vision which could be realized. Such new/improved learning must and will enable tolerance, solidarity and compassion in our "ONE world in diversity". This will also enhance humanity's collective consciousness.

Such improvements in learning and teaching correspond directly with the answers which I had received in 1989 when asking, what is my / what is our life's purpose: "The whole (ALL) must grow/develop through learning".
Peter Hesse - January 19, 2015

Documenting the results of the fifth donated work-camp of a group of German building volunteers in their 2015 Easter-vacation.

Short video from the final work of German volunteers in Liancourt, Haiti, in their Easter holidays 2015

UPDATE from HAITI - April 2015:

The Peter-Hesse-Foundation continues to implement programs to improve the quality of early childhood education for at risk children in Haiti by training teachers at our residential training center in Liancourt, Artibonite, by establishing preschools in different parts of Haiti for qualified teachers who graduated from our training centre, by providing technical assistance to the preschools established by our graduate teachers and by providing in-service training for preschool teachers at our training centre in Liancourt.

Our teaching training center, "CENTRE MONTESSORI D'HAITI" in Liancourt is currently training a promotion of 27 Montessori student teachers. These student teachers would complete their training in July 2015. We are projecting that over 500 children will benefit from a better quality of instruction from the newly trained teachers in the coming academic year.

This academic year the Peter Hesse Foundation helped to set-up new Montessori programs in two schools in Goanives with an effective of 110 children in both programs, adding to the network of preschools which were assisted by the Foundation that benefit an average of over 3845 children yearly.
The Foundation held in-service training seminars for cultural subjects and Math as well as workshops for teachers to make their own materials. Thanks to our completed dorms we were able to accommodate teachers from 12 existing Montessori schools, in addition to the student-teachers who live at the training centre.

We also made site visits to 5 existing Montessori schools to provide technical assistance and to assure the quality of education in those schools which have a combined effective of 249 children.

We are keeping the promise to be environmentally friendly, by greening our teacher training center and implementing activities that make a positive difference in protecting the environment. Student teachers learn that it is their social responsibility to protect and care for the environment essential to our health, quality of life and survival. All student teachers are required to plant and to produce an environmental album with activities that they can implement with children in their schools when they become teachers.

This year we proudly raised one month of running costs of the teacher training center by renting the dining pavilion and other parts of the premises to small organizations in the surrounding areas for their own seminars and events. We hope that that we can increase the amount of clients next year. This is a baby step in self sustainability. We hope in the future that the center can fund itself in part.

"UPDATE" also as PDF

Making a Difference? Carol reports from Haiti in November 2014

There are moments in Haiti where I feel that I could totally give up. Moments when I wonder if I am making a difference. The drive from Port-au-Prince to Liancourt is evidence of everything that is wrong. There is garbage on the sides of the road, the smell of hot oil and charcoal fires permeates the air, as roadside vendors continue to use wood or charcoal to prepare food, adding to further deforestation by cutting trees for fuel.

As I drive along the road weaving in and out of the heavy and totally unruly traffic, glad that the car is air conditioned, and I do not have to breath in the black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes of most cars, I can't help but notice the amount of children on the streets who are engaged in some kind of work such as carrying buckets of water, washing cars, vending, or just begging. I feel overwhelmed.

Three hours later, I arrive at the Centre Montessori d'Haiti and my despair begins to wear off as I enter the gates of a very different environment. I have a meeting with the staff. We plan the syllabus for the school year, and afterwards the conversation turns to the earthquake and the hurdles involved in building the centre. On of the teachers talk about how much the trees that we planted have grown. "Let's take a picture".
She stands next to the citrus trees, and I take a picture. My frustration diminishes some more.

Citrus trees in May 2013

Citrus trees in November 2014

The next morning, I awake, and the student-teachers are watering the plants.
I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that these environmentally friendly practices would be passed on to the children they will teach.

Later on that day I drive to Gonaives to visit the two new schools that started this year October 2014.

I see the children working and I am humbled, and I think "Those little ones are like the trees. It will take some time, but we will eventually see the results."

I reminded myself that this year alone we have added 103 new children to the programme.

I guess we can't solve all the problems, but we can help to make a difference in the lives of many.

Thirty-one students are currently training at the CENTRE MONTESSORI D'HAITI in Liancourt to become Montessori teachers. We take pride in each additional teacher trained, since it means more children will benefit from quality education and a chance for a better future.

103 new children will benefit from MONTESSORI education this year.

Carol Guy-James Barratt reports from Haiti :
On Friday 19th September, I was happy to visit two schools in Gonaives, to help them to plan for starting their Montessori programs. Between these two schools, a total of 103 children will attend - one more victory, since teachers from both schools were trained in Liancourt. Not only have these young women found jobs, they can change the future of 103 children this year alone, and in many more years to come.

August 2014 – In-service training in Liancourt, Haiti.
Montessori teachers make materials and plan activities for their schools.

15 Haitian teachers from 9 schools attended a two week In-service training held at the CENTRE MONTESSORI D'HAITI in Liancourt by Carol Guy-James Barratt, assisted by a US-volunteer. We were especially glad to have teachers from the two schools in Leogane. Their schools are almost back to normal after being completely destroyed by the earthquake. Also attending were teachers from Mais Gate, Croix des Bouquets and Jacmel, as well as teachers from the two schools in the Liancourt area. In September 2014 there will be two new Montessori programs starting in Gonaives. The teachers who are going to teach in these new schools were also present. The teachers made language materials and planned activities for their classes starting in September 2014 as part of their In-service training.

Graduating class of 2014 in the CENTRE MONTESSORI D'HAITI:

Graduates of our reopened Montessori teacher-training center in Liancourt; Haiti celebrated their achievement with family and friends on Saturday 2 August, 2014.
We expect that these new teachers will provide quality education to approximately 400 children in the coming school year. It was an emotional moment at the end, when the graduates had to say goodbye to each other. After one year of living at the Montessori centre they will now return to their respective towns and villages, some to work in existing schools, some to start new Montessori classes.

Fondation-Peter-Hesse, Haiti

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