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We guarantee that all donations are being used "to provide children a chance through child-centered early education to enable life-long learning". You can support this key purpose of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation In several ways:

In the United States you can donate and receive a receipt for tax deduction through "The Resource Foundation", a 501(c3) public charity. Please go to: This leads you to a short description of the work of The Peter-Hesse-Foundation and further to The Resource Foundation's donate button and to their donating pages.

To donate for our MONTESSORI projects in HAITI, please go to "Program Designation" and select "Hosted Fund: Peter Hesse Fndn". - Thank you!

Donations in US $ through The Resource Foundation will be directly transferred to the US $ account of the "Fondation-Peter-Hesse" in Haiti, the German Peter-Hesse-Foundation's local NGO-partner in Haiti, responsible for the CENTRE MONTESSORI D'HAITI: - For yearly reporting to the German state authorities, who control German foundations, all other donations pass through the following main account of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation: "Peter-Hesse-Stiftung" (the Foundation's formal German name): - IBAN: DE21300501101005874704 - SWIFT (BIC): DUSSDEDDXXX - Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, Berliner Allee 33, D-40212 Düsseldorf, Germany . - US $ donations from the USA will show in the Peter-Hesse-Foundation's yearly reporting in EURO, published in the German section of our homepage under

In the United States donations to The Resource Foundation to support the programs of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation in Haiti are tax deductible to the highest extent allowed by law. For more information, please contact The Resource Foundation: 237 W. 35th Street, Suite 1203, New York, NY 10001, Tel: 212-675-6170, Fax: 212-268-5325.

You may also donate direct to the US-Dollar-account of the Haitian “Fondation-Peter-Hesse” for the CENTRE MONTESSORI D’HAITI.

Bank of America, New York, USA
ABA no: 026009593

ou par le
Crédit Agricole, S.A., Paris , France,

for credit to Sogebank, Haiti,
for further credit to
Fondation-Peter-Hesse, Haiti,
Account number 3816010339

Concerning needed financial support in Haiti and in the world:

What Haiti needs most in the field of educational are trained teachers on all levels - not only school-buildings. On the long run Haiti must become able to train and finance their own teachers. Until this becomes possible, we, the Peter-Hesse-Foundation, concentrate on training Montessori teachers. In a distant future our Foundation will make efforts to provide a chance for all children in the world to benefit from good quality early child-centered education through qualified teachers. Therefore, our newly reformulated foundation purpose consciously covers this wider need: "The purpose of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation is to contribute to a just and peaceful learning ONE world in diversity - with emphasis on providing children a chance through child-centered early education to enable life-long learning."

Please see our Global Vision and Commitment - Peter Hesse